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Spice of Good Life is a team of two friends – Soniyaa Dighe and Dhanashree Rao, who connected through shared passions of food, health, and fitness. Spice of Good Life focuses on all the secrets of having a good life – the most important being, leading a healthy life.

‘Health is Wealth’ is the motto we all believe in, but in the race of succeeding in our career, trying to maintain our standard of living, family, social responsibilities etc. we unknowingly and unintentionally neglect our health. How? By finding excuses to avoid any physical activity. By trying to find shortcuts to good food – take outs, fast food, packaged food, ready to eat food, cooking using processed and pre-packaged food, etc. All these conveniences slowly become habits, and eventually our lifestyle. Most times, we don’t realize that we are harming our health and before we know, an entire lifetime has passed. The solution to this is clean eating and optimum fitness.

Clean eating is as simple as eating more of the best and healthiest options in different food groups and less of the not so healthy options. But sometimes, we are ignorant of the difference between the good and the not so good options. In simple words, clean eating is close to cooking from scratch – literally using ingredients in its original form and the health benefits of this are tremendous.

Fitness plays a vital role in maintaining good health. Be it Yoga, meditation, dancing, running, walking or gym, it is very important to add a fitness regime of your interest. With most of us leading a sedentary lifestyle and having convenience at our doorstep, it becomes very important to make fitness a part of our everyday life. It is really a matter of commitment and choice and not time.

We are not experts; but have learned a lot through our experiences, professional life, observations, reading and through the invaluable experiences that our elders and gurus shared with us. Our learning continues in the form of this blog. Most of our posts draw inspiration from the rich and diverse Indian culture – our pearls of wisdom. Spice of Good Life is an effort to make those pearls relevant to the modern day.

If you have any questions, requests, suggestions, feedback to help us improve our efforts, please leave us a message in the comments section or drop us a note on the Contact us page. We promise we will respond to it ASAP.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all enjoy Spice of Good Life as much as we did, creating it.