Anandabalasana – Happy Baby pose

Ever seen a baby in a pose where it’s little hands are holding its toes and flashing a smile at you? If you notice, babies are in this pose almost all the time and they do it so easily! Babies love to be in this position and for them it comes very naturally and instinctively.

Ananda – Happy, blissful

Bala – child

Pose – asana

Anandabalasana is also called ‘Happy baby pose’. It has the capacity to quiet the brain and relax the body. It helps to channelize the energies we have inside in a positive manner. Practising this asana regularly will induce a happy and blissful state of mind.

It is generally practised towards the end of the class as a cooling down practice. This asana just brings a smile on my face the instant I hold my feet up so much that I find it hard to let it go. Hey, the struggle is real!

How to do the pose:

Anandabalasana - Happy Baby pose


  • Lie down on the back. Exhale and bring both the knees into the chest.
  • Inhale, bring the arms through the inside of your knees and hold the arches of the feet with the palms.
  • Open the knees out on either side of the torso, pressing down with the palms while the heels are pressing up creating resistance.
  • Make sure the knee and the ankle are stacked in the same line.
  • Hold the pose for a few deep breaths.
  • Exhale and release the feet back to the floor.



Inflammation or injury of the neck, legs or shoulders.



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