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Upavishta Konasana

My first experience doing Upavishta Konasana was an unforgettable one. It was in my dance class, my instructor demonstrated this pose and we looked on with our jaws dropped. We were totally inspired to get into the split. Although at that time, I wasn’t very flexible and was struggling to get at least half way there. It was intense! He…

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Ashtanga Namaskara

  ‘Ashtanga Namskara’ is also known as ‘eight-limbed salutation pose’ or in more simple terms, ‘kness – chest- chin’ pose. It is a part of Surya Namaskara and is the 6th pose in the cycle. ‘Ashta’, means ‘eight’. ‘Anga’, means ‘part’ or ‘limb’. ‘Namaskara’, means ‘salutation’. It is called “ashtanga’ because, in this pose, the body touches the ground in…

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Shashankasana – Unwind and Let go

Shashankasana is also know as Balasana or child’s pose. This is because the pose resembles the position of an infant. It is a very simple pose to begin with physically, yet it requires patience and the ability to surrender to a state of not doing anything. Shashankasana is a relaxing, forward bending posture. Personally, this pose works as that good…

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Padahastasana – Hand to foot pose

Padahastasana is a standing forward bend. It is the third and tenth step in Surya Namaskara. This is a primary stretching pose. It stretches the thigh, calf muscles and also the spine. Pada – foot Hasta – hand Asana – posture Hence, Padahastasana means a posture where the feet are touched by the hands. This pose could be challenging for…

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