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Bend like a Bow – Dhanurasana

Dhanu = Bow Asana = Posture This asana resembles the shape of a ‘bow’ or ‘dhanush’ and therefore has been named after that. The legs and the torso represent the body of the bow and the arms, the string. It is a classical Hatha Yoga posture and is a strong backbend. It is a wonderful heart-opening asana that builds courage,…

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Ustrasana – Camel pose

Ustrasana is also known as camel pose. A lot of asanas in Yoga are named after animals. Ustrasana is one such pose. In Sanskrit ‘ushtra‘ means ‘Camel’. This backbending posture makes our body resemble the hump of a camel. It can also resemble how a camel bends its knees and folds its legs beneath its body to sit. Most of the…

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I always try and incorporate this asana in most of my classes and there hasn’t been a personal sadhana session without practicing this asana. My students and fellow teachers would jokingly say, if it is Dhanu’s class, there will definitely be Anjaneyasana or any others variations related to the same pose. Needless to say, this asana is one of my…

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