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Shashankasana – Unwind and Let go

Shashankasana is also know as Balasana or child’s pose. This is because the pose resembles the position of an infant. It is a very simple pose to begin with physically, yet it requires patience and the ability to surrender to a state of not doing anything. Shashankasana is a relaxing, forward bending posture. Personally, this pose works as that good…

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Lavender Tea

Lavender is my absolute favourite herb. Not only is it beautiful, it is also beneficial in many ways. It is a fragrant, aromatic, relaxing herb and is used in a variety of products – teas, lotions, creams, soaps, sprays, perfumes, aroma pouches, baking and many more. Being an avid lavender lover, I can safely say that I own and have…

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