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Honey Garlic Chicken

Easy Honey Garlic Chicken Recipe

Honey Garlic Chicken – Crispy baked chicken bites in a sticky honey garlic sauce perfect for a weeknight meal or an appetizer. Does it any more convincing? Sounds delicious. Let’s jump straight to the recipe.   The crispy chicken is simple to prepare with some really basic ingredients. And then you don’t fry it, you bake. While they bake you…

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Spicy Garlic Roasted Sweet Potato Recipe

What’s a party without some yummy finger food! Something that’s not complicated at all -5 minutes of prep, you put them in the oven and the oven does the rest! This Spicy Garlic Roasted Sweet Potato recipe totally fits the bill. Bonus – it’s made using a superfood! As a kid, I never really liked sweet potatoes till I tasted some grilled ones on…

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Garlicky Asparagus Recipe

A New year party menu (or any party) is incomplete without some simple sides that can be doubled as an appetiser too. Garlicky Asparagus is one such dish. 15 minutes and its ready… Garlicky Asparagus is a perfect side dish. The tender Asparagus lightly flavored with Garlic and Cilantro is a nice simple option for days when I have cooked a pretty…

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Garlic Tadka Mashed Potato

I love mashed potatoes! Who doesn’t! I can almost make a meal out of just mashed potatoes. Or anything potatoes! Garlic Tadka Mashed Potatoes is a simple side dish to add to your dinner menu.  Also, potatoes are a great way of adding complex carbs, potassium and dietary fibers to your meal. I like to add flavors in my mashed…

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Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri sauce is a famous Argentinean sauce popular throughout South America. If you haven’t tried it yet, let me tell you – it is a herb lover’s dream! It can be prepared in less than 5 minutes! In Argentina, Chimichurri is traditionally served with steak, but I have tried using this for chicken, fish, shrimp, lamb, tofu, paneer and vegetables…

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