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Tandoori Salmon

Tandoori Salmon – Yogurt and Spice flavored Salmon recipe

Give your salmon an Indian twist by marinating it in a delicious mix of chilly, lemon, yogurt and fragrant garam masala. The Tandoori Salmon is easy to prepare and imparts a great flavor to Salmon that’s sure to please everyone.     In just 15 -20 minutes, you can have a fancy fish dish on the dinner table. This Tandoori Salmon is…

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Garlicky Asparagus Recipe

A New year party menu (or any party) is incomplete without some simple sides that can be doubled as an appetiser too. Garlicky Asparagus is one such dish. 15 minutes and its ready… Garlicky Asparagus is a perfect side dish. The tender Asparagus lightly flavored with Garlic and Cilantro is a nice simple option for days when I have cooked a pretty…

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Easy & Simple Peppery Corn & Bean Guacamole

Guacamole is one of my favorite appetizers. It’s flavorful, clean, healthy and simple. I love adding some twists and flavors in traditional recipes, this time, it was the good ol’ guacamole! I added some corn and black beans and flavored it with Pepper. And there you go.. a simple yummy variation to the guacamole.  This recipe is simple but sometimes simple…

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