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Spinach Chicken curry

Spinach Chicken Curry

Make this healthy, classic Indian Spinach Chicken Curry recipe (known as Chicken Saag) at home with little effort. The warm, rich flavors will keep you coming back for more! It is a low-calorie healthy dish prepared in 40 mins that goes well with rice, roti or paratha.   One of the most common misconceptions about healthy eating is that it’s…

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Shrimp Patties/Fritters in 30 minutes

Shrimp patties/fritters is one of my favorite appetizers, it is quite simple to prepare, needs only a few basic ingredients and absolutely yummy! December is generally the most fun time of the year! It’s the time when you plan your next year, you make resolutions and decide goals. It’s also the time when you plan your big celebration to bring…

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Beetroot Patties / Cutlets

Beetroots! Who doesn’t know beetroots! Some people love beetroots, some love to hate them! Love it or hate it, you really can’t ignore it because of the immense health benefits that come with that deep vibrant purple-red colored root. Beetroot, also known beets, has been growing in popularity as a new super food. My husband hates beets for the same…

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