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Parshvakonasana – Extended side angle pose

Standing postures are grounding and help in centering. Parshvakonasana is one such standing pose which utilises most of the muscles in the body. Utthita – extended Parshva – side Kona – angle Asana – pose This pose is a regular in most classes. Be it Hatha, Vinyasa or Power Yoga classes, it is practised in the beginning of the class…

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Veerabhadrasana II – Warrior II

Whenever I practice Veerabhadrasana II, it’s not more than 30 seconds that my thighs start to tremor. Tremors are good, it is just weakness leaving your body. Such is the effect of this asana, strong and powerful. It is really a matter of will power as to how long you can hold this pose. Veerabhadrasana series is a staple in…

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I always try and incorporate this asana in most of my classes and there hasn’t been a personal sadhana session without practicing this asana. My students and fellow teachers would jokingly say, if it is Dhanu’s class, there will definitely be Anjaneyasana or any others variations related to the same pose. Needless to say, this asana is one of my…

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